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A Series of Firsts
He is ten when they first meet, via fishing pole, and the first thing she does is slap his cheek; not a hello or a handshake, but a slap.  Its a motion that leaves him ready to fight, but the pokemon below him gives a cry and he is reminded all to quickly of the Spearrow behind him.  He asks for help and before she can finish talking he is already riding off.  At the time neither know it, but for the boy on the bicycle and the girl running behind, this is only a first in a series of firsts.
The Maiden's Festival is a wonder, Ash decides while waiting for Misty to show, one minute they're trying to keep Brock from chasing after a girl and the next they're battling a Ghastly.  "Sorry I'm late."  Misty's voice calls and he turns only to have his voice caught in his throat.  And for what feels like the longest time Ash is speechless until she grabs his hand and asks him to dance.  It is a night of firsts Brock decides as
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Down the Aisle
She had dreamed of their wedding day ever since the first time he'd said, "I love you."  But she had never thought that her special day would turn out like it was. In her dreams they would marry on a Thursday, and always on a Thursday, in a small chapel just west of Pallet Town.  Only their closest friends and family would attend, because they would be the only witnesses they needed.  
Her sisters would serve as her bridemaids in dresses of blue silk and Ash's groomsmen would wear bow ties the same shade of blue.  She would wear a white wedding dress and her mother's veil and he would wear a black tux with his hair wild and messy.  The organist would see her standing at the door and the wedding march would begin as she made her way down the aisle.
But standing in the doorway of the busy courthouse, Misty realizes all to quickly that her dream wedding will never be.
"It'll be better this way."  Ash had told her earlier after pr
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My Funny Valentine
Scrap pieces of red and white construction paper fell aimlessly to the floor as the sound of cutting scissors filled the room.  Lacey paper doilies were passed from hearts of red to hearts of pink, deciding which looked best.  The smell of glue entered the room as it was spread across thin paper hearts and glitter was sprinkled upon.  Satisfied with her work, the young coordinator gave a small smile and began to address the numerous hearts.
"And done."  She announced as she sealed the last envelope with a small heart sticker.
"Finally."  A voice said, drawing her attention to the doorway.  "You and Brock have been busy all day with this Valentine's Day stuff.  I can understand Brock, but I wouldn't have thought you'd be so into Valentine's Day too."  He said before sitting on the bed.  "I mean what's the big deal anyway, it's just a day about giving cards and candy away."
"Speaking of cards, aren'
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Till Death Do Us Part
Once upon a time, she wore a dress of white and I, a suit of black in a crowd of family and friends.  With a future before us, we each made a promise in the form of vows; to love the other, for richer or poorer in sickness and health, till death do us part.  Now many years have passed, since Misty and I began our once upon a time and now with each passing day I can't help but repeat our wedding vows over and over in my head each time I look at her.
The living room is warm when I enter and I can't help but let out a sigh of relief to see that my wife's damp clothes have been replaced by a nightgown and robe.  No words are spoken as I take a seat on the couch and my eldest son enters soon after me.
"I want to go back."  Misty says, her eyes pointed to the floor and her damp silver hair hiding any emotion on her face.  "I want to go back."  She repeats again, this time looking at me.  "I want to go back to the beach, As
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 6 6
On his tenth birthday, Ash Ketchum was given a backpack of supplies, a belt of pokeballs, a stubborn Pikachu, and the title pokemon trainer.  To most people becoming a trainer was only a small accomplishment that children were allowed too, but to Ash it was a part of life.  Thats was why when ever someone asked if he and his friends were trainers, he always found himself nodding quickly before saying, "I'm Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town."
At age twelve he earned the title of best friend when he was forced to say goodbye to the two people he had traveled with for what seemed like forever.  But his grief lasted shortly for he was soon starting a new adventure in an unknown region called Hoenn and his newest traveling partner had deemed him with the title teacher.
After a year away he was met with both friends of old and new in his hometown, but their time together was short lived and once again he finds himself traveling away from friends he had to leave behind
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Simply Poetic
For those who didn't know Professor Samuel Oak, it would come as a complete surprise to find that the elderly man lead a secret life.  By day Samuel Oak was the kindhearted, poetry loving professor who led his daily life through Pallet Town, but by night the elderly professor became Oak Tree, the well known poet of Virdian City's underground poetry club.
Every Tuesday night, 'Oak Tree' took the stage and spoke of poems describng two opposing lovers, while the crowds around him snapped him on.  And tonight all poetry lovers gathered to hear the newest poem about 'Oak Tree's' odd couple.  
From behind the curtain, the elderely poet adjusted his beret once more and straightened his black sweater before placing his round black shades on to confirm his identity of 'Oak Tree'.  Taking a deep breath he rehearsed the poem once more in his head and awaited for his entrance to be made.
"And now ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the poetic style
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Wait for You
The full moon of Sinnoh added light to the already bright paper laterns of the small town's festival.  Below the laterns a celebration was held.  Excitment filled the streets as children in kimonos dashed to and fro and others chatted endlessly of what they hoped the night held.  Amongst the people, a raven haired teen watched the excitment from afar and waited for the arrival of his own friends.
"Kinda reminds me of the festival in Kanto.  Huh Pikachu?"
"Pi."  The yellow mouse said, before being thrown off by the loud rumble of Ash's stomach.
Quickly apologizing, he pulled the mouse to his shoulder and brought a hand to his rumbling stomach.  "What's taking them so long, I'm starving."
"Looking for someone Ash."  Brock said as he and Dawn appeared at Ash's side.
"Sorry we took so long, but someone wouldn't leave Nurse Joy alone."    
Rolling his eyes, Ash nodded in agreement and led the way throu
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 7 8
Like any coordinator, Drew Williams knew the power of presentation.  By definiton, it was a manner of style, but to a coordinator it was a way of life.  And Drew made sure to apply presentation to every area of his life, especially his love life.
Years ago when he and May were budding teens, he had made sure that every time their paths had crossed he had left her with a dazzling presentation.  And of course he had left an impression, but then again so had she.
So now here he found himself, no longer a young teen who secretly offered roses to the girl he liked with a satisfying smirk, but an adult ready to take his life in a new direction.  And in just a few minutes that direction would walk through the door.
"Drew!"  May yelled as she stopped her feet upon entering and slammed the door.  "What is this?"  She demanded as she held up a wedding invitation holding only their names, but was met with silence.  Re
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Just a Kiss
The sky was clear and the moon was bright as she walked the familar streets of Pallet Town.  Her once styled hair, now fell to her shoulders, free of the bobby pins, Daisy had forced into place.  A chill of air blew and she found herself pulling the navy wrap closer to her body.  Fallen tears stained her face and she found herself blinking back anymore tears left to shed.  
"Why?"  Misty repreated once again to herself.  "Why did you do it Ash?"
Away, but still close enough she could still see the lights and hear the laughter of those attending Ash's celebration.  Just a few moments ago she was amongst those attending the party, but now she wanted nothing to do with Ash Ketchum.  Ironically though, she found herself sitting upon his front porch.
"What are you doing here?"  Ash asked before taking a seat beside her.
Remaining silent, Misty only pulled her wrap closer and turned away to face the sky
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Training Wheels
From the time she could remember, she had always been a worrier.  When she was little she worried that the other pokemon would make fun of her goldeen, because its tail was bigger than its body, when she seperated from Ash and Brock, she worried about what they would become without her, and when Ash asked for her hand in marriage, she could only worry what kind of wife she would make.  But now as a mother, Misty Ketchum's worries only multiplied.
"He's not ready for this Ash.  Trevor is just a little boy.  What if he gets hurt?"  Misty protested as her husband removed the training wheels from their oldest son's bike.
"Misty, it's a bicycle.  You act like he's joining the army."  Ash said as he balanced the bicycle on two wheels.  "You know you never had this problem when you were teaching him how to swim."
"I know.  It's just.."  She bit her lip and thought of a way explain.  "
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 5 14
A Perfect Day
The sound of rain tapping against the windows sounded through out the Pokemon Center, as Ash Ketchum waited for his friends.  Letting out a sigh, he watched as rain drops slid slowly against the glass and thought of one who seemed to love the rainy weather.  
"Hey Ash, what are you looking at?"  Dawn asked, retriving him from his thought
"Finally, I thought you guys would never come.  Let's go, if we hurry we can get to the gym before it starts pouring."  Ash said as he turned to his two friends, only to see that neither were moving.
"Actually Ash, that's what we came to tell you." Brock said.
"Why, what is it?"
"Nurse Joy says its supposed to rain all day, so we decided to just stay in today."
"Aw come on guys.  It's just a little rain, if Misty were here she'd go."
"Sorry Ash, but my hair and rain don't mix.  Besides rainy days are perfect to try out new hairstyles."  Dawn said.
"And I already promised Nu
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 10 17
A light breeze blew against the trees as a young couple made their way though the streets of the Seafom Islands.  A flicker of sunlight brought out the beauty of the diamond located on the young woman's ring finger.  Stopping abruptly in the busy street, the man dropped the woman's hand and faced her.
"Is this really what you want Misty?"  Tracey questioned, a hint of caution in his voice.
"This."  He said and motioned to the town around them.  "When I asked you to marry me, I never thought you'd want to elope."  His hand fell to the pocket containing the two golden bands.  "We can have a real wedding Misty."
"I know."  She replied, her eyes falling onto the engagment ring.  "It's just.."
"It's Ash isn't it?  You haven't told him about us."  A look of annoyance fell to his face and he automatically reached for his headband, only to remember he'd thrown it away years ago
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 1 2
Beneath the stars a trio of pokemon trainers lay upon the soft grass and listened to the night surrounding them.  In the distance  a variety of pokemon began their nightly song, each one's voice adding to the melody of their song.
"This sure brings back memories."  Spoke the oldest of the trio.  His eyes taking a quick glance at his younger companions before returning to the night sky.
"Mhmm."  Misty agreed.  "I can't remember the last time we did this."
"Right after the silver conference in Johto."  Ash said without a second thought, earning him a look from his friends.  "Don't you remember it was the night before we entered Viridian City and Misty got the phone call from her sisters."  
"Oh."  Both responded as the memory came flooding back to them.
An uncomfortable silence followed the conversation until Misty spoke again.  "It's funny isn't it?"
"What is Misty?"  
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 16 16
The room was silent after their father's sudden outburst.  Neither of the three wanted to bring up the prevous conversation they had held.  Instead all eyes traveled to the broken coffee cup, the retired pokemon master had destroyed in a fit of anger.  Tired of the silence, Trevor Ketchum, the oldest of the three, began to sweep up in the remains of his favorite mug.
"This is all your fault."  Mia spoke, pointing a finger towards her twin brother, Micheal.  "You and your Sunflora Shores.  You know that place is full of bug pokemon and we all know that dad hates bugs."
"That was mom."  Trevor said with a look of remembrance.
"Oh yeah."  Mia said, her voice barely above that of a whisper.
"Hey do you guys remember that time we let a Spinarak loose in the house?"  Micheal said with a laugh.
"I remember alright."  Trevor said, a smile replacing the frown he'd worn.  "I've never see
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Baby Names
There comes a time in every married couples life after the I do's and the honeymoon, that starting a family is begun.  This time was now for the Ketchum family.
"What do you think of the name Jeffery?"  Misty asked as she placed a mark next to then name in the book.
"Jeffery Ketchum, doesn't really roll off the tongue."  Ash said with a look of dissatisfaction.
"Well let's see you think of something better."
"Alright what about Ash Jr."
"Ash Jr.?"Misty questioned with a sour look.
"Just think about it Mist, just you, me, and Ash Jr.  It'll be great."  He said as he placed a hand on Misty's swollen stomach.
"Well what if it's a girl.?"
"Easy we'll name her Ashley."
Misty's sour look changed to that of disgust as an image of Ash in a dress and blonde wig flooded her mind.  "Ash Ketchum there is no way that we're naming our child after you.  I can only pray that he or she won't inherit anything from your brains departme
:iconsouthernred:SouthernRed 9 10
Connecting the Dots
For years he had traveled through wind, rain, and snow.  And all that time he had never came even close to catching a cold.  So who would ever thought that a fifteen year old Ash Ketchum would now be in bed with the chicken pox.  Chicken pox the one sickness he had escaped as a child, thanks to his mother's overprotection, had now returned with a vengence.
So here he sat, not in a pokemon center located in a various region, but in his bedroom, covered in red dots.  These dots he decided long ago were a form of torture, when he tried to scratch himself despite his overmitt covered hands.  But the itchy dots weren't the worst part of being sick, although they were pretty bad, it was the complete boredom he had.
Ever since he had arrived home, his mother had put him in immediate lockdown.  Not even allowing Pikachu to stay by his side, for fear of spreading germs.  So it came as a complete surprise when he heard a knock
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The Color of Lovers
The Color of Lovers
The color of lovers is white as snow
But they act like they don't know
And just go along with the flow
And at every chance
They dance
In their little romance
They hold hands
They make plans
And love whenever they can
The color of unrequited love is red
And its all over you head
It's in everything you said
In every little ryhme
You try to make everything fine
But you never have enough time
You play games
But their always the same
So you just look lame
The color of one sided love is gray
They can't help but feel this way
Always trying to find something to say
One of them is a liar
The fuel for the fire
Of the other's desire
And they kiss
One of them is in bliss
And the other knows somethings amiss
The color of the unloved is black
And we all know the fact
Because it's something they lack
They sing songs
That last so long
But it's so wrong
Love is their dope
Clinging to this small hope
Not even realizing that they'll be hang by this rope
:iconalexisisinneed:Alexisisinneed 0 9
God Is...
God is love.
He loves every last human,
even the ones who hate him
even the ones who are buried in sin.
God is love.
He wants that all people see that.
He wrote us a love letter which makes that clear
even if reading it takes longer than a year.
God is love.
People have lied that God can hate,
but it is simply a sly, sneaky lie
that God enjoys it when anyone dies.
God is love.
He teaches so much in His Word.
Among them, He teaches forbearance and mercy,
peace, loyalty, and responsibility.
God is love.
He proved that so long ago.
God being love might be difficult to see
but it was proven so when He died for me.
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I was just recently asked to pray for a fellow Deviant, ~ForgedSignatures.  If none of you are familiar with her work, you will discover that she is a very talented writer and photographer.

I just read her most recent journal, she wishes to end her life!  I don't know her personally, and I just became a watcher to her work, but I already love and care for ForgedSignatures, as a new friend, watcher, and fellow deviant.

I ask of all you to please pray for ForgedSignatures!  Please add her to your watch list and comment upon her journal and profile.  Help ForgedSignatures to know that people care about her and love her, that we don't wish her to commit such a sin upon herself.

God Bless and be with y'all


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